Newsletter Advertisement Insert

The Barnesville Area Chamber of Commerce offers Chamber Members the opportunity to insert advertisements, announcements, or special promotions to fellow Chamber Members in the monthly newsletter. This is an affordable way for you to advertise and reach a broad market area. The Chamber newsletter is distributed to approximately 150 businesses and individuals per publication. The following guidelines will help to keep the process orderly and fair to everyone.

Insert Guidelines:

  • Provide approximately 165 copies of your insert to the Chamber. The insert muse be received by the 25th of the month prior to the month it appears.
  • Paper:       Size: 8 1/2×11″          Weight: 20# or less
  • One Insert: Is considered to be 1 page of printed copy either single or double sided.
  • No tape or staples
  • Cost: $25.00 per insert page (for Chamber Members) or $40 for Non-Members
  • Each insert must be accompanied by a completed insert form. (See Downloads Below)

The Chamber reserves the right to distribute only appropriate material; and also states that the Chamber does not endorse any business by placing inserts in the newsletters.