Barnesville Gold

What Is Barnesville Gold?

Barnesville Gold is a program designed specifically for our area to help promote business in our town.


How Does It Work?

Gold certificates may be purchased by an individual or business from the Chamber office. The Gold is then given to the intended person. The person receiving the Gold may use it to purchase goods at on of our local merchants.

Once redeemed for goods the store merchant will be reimbursed for the full face value of the certificate by bringing it to the Chamber office, at which the time of the check is issued.


What Denominations Is The Gold Sold In?

Certificates may be purchased for any dollar amount beginning at $5.00.


What Occasions Can The Gold Be Used?

The Gold has many uses such as: Prizes, Employee Reward Recognition, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Door Prizes, Holiday Gifts, and any other special occasion.