Bill Ball Snowflake Fund

William (“Bill”) Ball, along with his family members dedicated many years of their time and money, in order to maintain the snowflake decorations that hang in Barnesville during the holiday season. This maintenance process took many months to ensure that the decorations would be ready by Thanksgiving. Sometimes, even after they were hung, Bill would have to take one down to fix it again because the lights had gone out.

In 2005 the Bill Ball Snowflake Fund was formed by the Barnesville Chamber of Commerce in honor of William Ball. This fund was formed due to a generous donation made by the Barnesville Garden Club, and followed up by a fund raiser in 2006, which raised the additional money needed to purchase new Christmas decorations and hangers to be displayed on the street lights from the community donations received.

Once again, we are asking for donations from our members and the community in order to purchase additional Christmas decorations. Please download and use the form below to submit your donation and mail to:

Barnesville Chamber of Commerce
130 West Main Street
Barnesville, Ohio 43713

If you have any questions please call the Chamber office at: (740) 425-4300