Barnesville Schools

Barnesville Schools
210 West Church Street
Barnesville, OH 43713
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Barnesville Exempted Village School District is located in and around the small town of Barnesville. Barnesville is in the southeastern part of Ohio within the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The town was founded in 1808 by James Barnes, a businessman and explorer.

Education has been a priority in Barnesville since its founding. Subscription schools, ones in which parents pooled their money and hired a teacher, were established before 1812. The first public or "common" school was started in 1821 due to laws being passed that provided for the regulation and support of such schools. In 1855, Barnesville Public School was organized as a special school under a new law of 1853 that included classes for children through the eighth grade. By 1874, a high school was added, and Barnesville graduated its first class in 1877. The Class of 1877 was composed of three girls and two boys.

Our town's history and our school's history are rich, and and we take great pride in our heritage. Barnesville's future looks as inviting as our past. We completed a Revitalization Project in 2002, which includes a new middle school, an academic addition along with renovations to the high school and renovation of the previous K-8 building. We are moving ahead to meet new standards and to use technology in the district.

Barnesville Schools serve approximately 1200 students in three schools; Barnesville Elementary (Pre-K through 4), Barnesville Middle (5 through 8), and Barnesville High (9 through 12).

Barnesville Schools' success in education continues because of clear goals, sound basic education, management of academic performance, an orderly and safe teaching environment, and high expectations for students and staff. Excellence through a spirit of cooperation is prevalent throughout the school system.

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