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If you are currently caring for an aging loved one, chances are you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the legal, financial, and health care issues you’re facing.

At Jarvis Law Office, we are here to be a guide through these difficult times.

Elder Law is more than just saving estate taxes. Proper planning with a skilled, experienced, and approachable attorney can enable you to:

Have all your options laid out for you – in plain English
Control your property while you are alive and able
Take care of yourself and your loved ones if you become disabled
Give what you have to whom you want, the way you want, and when you want – without unexpected interference from the government
...all while saving every tax dollar, professional fee and court cost possible.

Whatever walk of life you come from, now is the time to begin your retirement planning through our Estate and Life Care Planning Services.

What’s more, if you’re 65 of older and have a background in military service, there may be additional benefits available to you and your spouse that you didn’t even know about!

When counseling aging Veterans and their spouses, there is an all-too-common theme. We meet these passionate individuals who put everything on the line for their country, and at the end of their service, they may not have been made aware of the benefits and entitlements they may have coming for the sacrifices they made.

Discovering the benefits that may be available to you can mean being able to remain at home or assisted living facility for more months, and to afford more months of private-pay dignity in a nursing home.

At Jarvis Law Offices, we are committed to providing you with the most thorough and personal advice and support possible.

If you are facing a difficult decision regarding the care of a loved one, or if you have concerns about the future of your estate, your family’s assets, and how they can be managed in a responsible way, you don’t have to make these decisions alone.

Call one of our conveniently located law offices for a FREE consultation in Lancaster (740) 653-3450, Dublin (614) 495-4185, or St. Clairsville (740) 699-2194.

Get the answers you need, and the benefits you deserve!

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